Order of Magnitude Assessments

Use Case #5

Rough Order of Magnitude Area Assessments can be used in combination with in-depth Punch-lists or as a stand-alone confirmation Facility Condition.

At times and owner, and perhaps a contractor, need to have a sense of how pervasive and an order of magnitude of repair costs without the granularity of a full punch-list.  EPS uses the SLATE platform to provide this analysis.

At times, an owner can employ a strategy with a contractor to elicit cooperation in dealing with construction defects.  An area assessment is a clearly documented and transparent way to indicate the breadth of the defects, the pricing metric to estimate the repairs in local currency, and notification of the general claim as a mechanism to force a real discussion. 

Should this avenue prove to be ineffectual, a detailed punch-list can be undertaken with extensively more precision and depth.

If an owner is serious about getting a rash of construction defects remedied, the area assessment approach, perhaps in combination with the precision final punch-list methodology, will maximize commercial leverage and frank discussions about the steps necessary to achieve final completion for a contractor.

SLATE in the hands of experienced construction professionals can be surgical commercial tool.